Vegetarian Recipes For Two

Want to enjoy your favorite comfort foods and explore new healthier dishes without lots of leftovers? Then this collection of scaled-down vegetarian recipes is for you.

From nutritious dinners to indulgent desserts and quick snacks, all of these downsized sweets and eats are perfectly portioned to fill you up (and not the fridge).  

Popular Recipes For Two

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Date Night Dinners

These delicious vegetarian dinners for two are great for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or a romantic night in. From grown-up grilled cheese sandwiches to healthy salads and vegetarian pot pies you’ll find lots of ideas to enjoy with your special someone. 

Sweet Potato Toppings

Turn an already irresistible sweet potato into a satisfying meal with just a few toppings. Try savory toppings like edamame, peppers, and peanut sauce or add sweet berries and a drizzle of almond butter, there’s no wrong way to top a creamy sweet potato!

Nutritious Snack Ideas

Quick, easy, and delicious vegetarian snack ideas for adults! From chocolate Greek yogurt with strawberries to cucumber hummus stacks and more, you’ll find 11 tasty ideas perfect for a quick bite anytime.

Toaster Oven Recipes

Toaster ovens are the perfect appliance if you’re cooking for a smaller household. They preheat fast and are great for toasting nuts, reheating pizza, roasting vegetables, and even cooking up a healthy dinner for two!

Kitchen Tips For Two

Find useful tips, tools, and ideas to help your smaller household cook more and waste less.