50+ Vegetarian Recipes For Two

Looking for yummy vegetarian recipes for two? From easy weeknight dinners to mouthwatering sandwiches, light snacks, and of course desserts you’ll find over 50+ perfectly-portioned recipes to fill you up without packing the fridge full of leftovers! 

Stuffed spaghetti squash, baked potato on plate, cake in ramekin, and pita wrap.

If you’re cooking for one or two people it can be challenging to downsize your favorite recipes or come up with fresh ideas to keep things exciting. 

To make your life simpler (at least the cooking portion that is) we’ve pulled together our most popular vegetarian recipes for two. They’ve been cut down in size but are still big in flavor! 

Load up on veggies with a quick lemony pasta or try something new like a pair of cheesy spaghetti squash burrito bowls. For a light dinner that’s full of flavor you can’t beat our veggie hummus pitas, they’re ready in 30 minutes and easy to customize with whatever vegetables are in season. 

Do you have to use a toaster oven?

Nope. We love cooking with our toaster oven (it heats up fast and is more energy efficient than our gas oven) but the recipes can also be cooked in a traditional big oven.

If you love to bake but have been avoiding it because of all the leftovers, you’ll find lots of fun desserts and small-batch baking recipes. 

From toaster oven chocolate cookies to a mini banana bread that calls for just one banana, and even a small no-knead bread (yep, you can make artisan bread for two!) all of the recipes are sized to feed your smaller household. 

Let’s get cooking!

Dinners For Two

Leftovers are fun sometimes but not all the time. They can get boring and gross pretty fast.

With these perfectly-portioned dinners, you can make a yummy meal (that’s packed full of veggies) without worrying about lots of leftovers or having to throw out food.

Sandwiches and Salads

In my book, nothing is better than a good vegetarian sandwich or salad. They’re easy enough for a quick lunch and make weeknight-friendly dinners too! 

But I’m not talking about rabbit food here. Nope, you’ve got to have lots of colorful layers, a variety of textures, and some knock-your-socks-off flavors. 

Veggies and Sides

Sides dishes are one of the best parts of any meal, especially if we’re talking about potatoes! 

While these tasty recipes can be served alongside any main dish, some make for a filling snack or even a light meal all on their own. 

Extra-Easy Desserts For Two

With minimal prep and cleanup, these recipes are perfect for when you want something simple and sweet. Each recipe makes just a few servings for a quick-fix treat without a bunch of leftovers!

Snacks and Small Bites

These snacktime munchies are easy to throw together and great for satisfying any sweet or salty craving.

You can make most of them in advance if you want. They’re nice to have on hand for those days when you don’t have a lot of time (or just don’t feel like cooking). 

Small-Batch Baking Recipes

There’s nothing like a warm homemade muffin fresh from the oven but having to eat the same leftover muffins day after day will quickly make them feel less special. 

With these scaled-down baking recipes, you can indulge your inner baker without a bunch of leftovers.

The recipes use basic pantry ingredients, are simple to throw together, and each one makes just a few servings! 

Downsized Cake Mix Recipes

While we love baking from scratch, some days you want a treat without a lot of effort. On those days we reach for a boxed cake mix. 

These small-batch cake mix recipes for cookies, cakes, and muffins are designed to make enough for just a few people – great for smaller gatherings and celebrations!

Breakfast and Brunch

Whether you’re running out the door or have a few minutes to sit down and enjoy your breakfast, these recipes will start your day off right. 

Small Batch Dressings, Sauces, and Dips

Making your own salad dressing is easy (and very inexpensive) but most recipes leave you with a giant bottle to use up. 

These recipes make just a few servings and are customizable to suit your tastes and preferences. Enjoy them on salads, pasta, sandwiches, and more. 

New to cooking for two? We’ve got lots of fun resources to help you eat better and waste less. 

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