How to Measure Half an Egg

If you’re looking to make fewer servings of your favorite baking recipes and running into trouble dividing eggs, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re sharing two easy ways to measure half an egg (and other mini amounts). Plus tips for storing and using up the leftover egg!  

An egg in a bowl in front a scale, measuring spoon, and fork.

If you’re dividing a recipe and it calls for one egg what do you do? Downsizing recipes for our toaster oven, I run into this problem a lot.

Sometimes using only the egg white or the yolk is a good option. 

But more often than not, the recipes where I use part of a beaten egg (like these toaster oven chocolate chip cookies) end up tasting the most like the original larger recipe I’m trying to replicate.

I know that many of you are interested in resizing your own recipes. So I thought it might be helpful if I shared how I measure half an egg (plus a few other smaller amounts).

Large egg in a small mason jar, whole and beaten with a fork.

How to Measure Half an Egg 

Start by cracking the egg into a container with a lid. I like to use a small mason jar.

Next, grab a fork or whisk and beat the egg lightly until the white and yolk are combined, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

Now, you’re ready to measure. You can use either a scale or measuring spoons, below we’ll show you both ways.

How Much Does a Large Egg Weigh?

While each egg in a carton will vary slightly, in the US a standard large egg weighs about 57 grams in the shell and 50 grams measured outside of its shell. 

Beaten egg in a bowl on a digital scale with 25 grams displayed on the screen.

How to Use a Scale To Measure Half An Egg

So if a large egg measures about 50 grams, then half of a large egg equals about 25 grams.

  • Grab your mixing bowl and place it on a scale. (We use our little Ozeri Digital Scale)
  • Tare it out to zero. 
  • Measure out half of the egg (25 grams) into the bowl. 

How many tablespoons are in a large egg?

There are about 3¼ tablespoons in a large egg. To make things easy we’re going to round this number down to 3 tablespoons even. 

Hand holding a 1 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon full of beaten egg.

How to Measure Half an Egg Using Tablespoons 

So if a large egg yields 3 tablespoons of egg, then half of a large egg = 1½ tablespoons. This can also be said as 1 tablespoon + 1½ teaspoons.   

I have a 1½ tablespoon measuring spoon that’s my go-to for this task. But you don’t need a special measuring spoon. Before I owned that handy spoon I’d just use a regular tablespoon and eyeball the 1/2 amount.

A cracked egg in a mason jar next to a bowl of whole eggs with text measurements written below.

Partial Egg Measurements 

If you’re trying to reduce a recipe by 1/4 or 1/3 of its size, the amount of egg needed will be different.

Below is a list of mini measurements I use that you might find handy. (*Measurements have been rounded down.)

  • 1 Large Egg =  50 grams or 3 tablespoons
  • Half = 25 grams or 1½ tablespoons
  • Third = 16 grams* or 1 tablespoon 
  • Quarter = 12 grams* or 2¼ teaspoons  
Beaten egg in a glass mason jar with a plastic lid.

How Long Is The Leftover Egg Good For?

Cover the container with the remaining beaten egg and store it in the fridge. According to the American Egg Board, the leftover egg should be used within 48 hours.

Ideas To Use Up Leftover Beaten Egg 

As you can see measuring half an egg is pretty easy. The hard part is actually remembering to use it up!

Triangles of cheesy toast on a blue plate with fresh thyme leaves sprinkled on top.

Below are some tasty ways you can put that leftover egg to good use. 

Egg and Cheese Toasts: This recipe calls for a whole egg but you can make just one savory toast using 1½ tablespoons of egg.

Chocolate Chip Pecan Oatmeal Cookies: Crispy, chewy, and loaded with chocolate chips, these cookies are the perfect way to use up 1½ tablespoons of egg.

Make An Egg Wash – Mixed the leftover egg with a little water and brush it onto pastries or bread loaves before baking. It will give your mini sweet potato hand pies or toaster oven bread a gorgeous golden crust.

Small loaf of golden brown bread baking in a countertop oven.

Small Batch Triple Ginger Cookies – With 1 tablespoon egg, you can whip up 6 crisp and chewy cookies bursting with spicy ginger flavor.

You’ll need just 1 tablespoon of egg to make a pair of light and fluffy Cake Mix Mini Cakes.

Toaster Oven Breakfast Sandwich – It’s also super easy to mix any leftover egg with another whole egg, toast it up in your toaster oven, and add it to a sandwich or salad.

Mini cakes made with cake mix and part of an egg!

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