10 Quick and Easy Sweet Potato Toppings

Turn an already irresistible baked sweet potato into a satisfying meal with just a few extra ingredients. We’ve got 10 tasty vegetarian ideas to get you started!

4 photos of sweet potatoes on plates with different toppings and the text "How to Make Sweet Potatoes Into a Meal"

While the classic baked potato makes a great base for toppings, sweet potatoes really are the more versatile veggie.

Baked or roasted, their creamy sweet flesh tastes fantastic topped with pretty much anything.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite sweet potato creations. Don’t worry if you’re short on ingredients, they’re very flexible and easy to adapt to what you have on hand.

Cooked sweet potato halves on a quarter sheet pan.

5 Ways to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Before you can load them up with toppings, you’ll need to bake your sweet potatoes. We like to use our countertop oven, especially during the summer. But you can use any method you like, here are a few ideas:

A plate with a fork and half a sweet potato topped with lentils and yogurt.

Sweet Potato Toppings

1. Lentils and Greek Yogurt

For a fun chili alternative, pour a packet of microwaved Madras Lentils over baked sweet potatoes. Topped with tangy Greek yogurt (or feta) and a squeeze of fresh lime juice, it’ll be your new go-to comfort food.

Closeup of baked sweet potato halves topped with cottage cheese and flaky granola.

2. Cottage Cheese and Granola

Top baked sweet potatoes with dollops of cottage cheese, some crunchy granola, and a quick drizzle of honey for an easy and filling meal. It may sound strange but this is the perfect sweet + salty combo!

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A quarter sheet pan with four topped pizza sweet potatoes.

3. Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, and ALL the Toppings

Clean out your fridge and pile on the toppings! Veggie pepperoni, black olives, bell pepper, and pepperoncini are our favorites. But feel free to use anything you’ve got on hand to make your pizza-style sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato halves on a quarter sheet pan.

4. Almond Butter, Blackberries, and Toasted Coconut

Craving a PB&J? Skip the bread and top baked sweet potatoes with almond butter and berries instead. For added texture, toss on toasted coconut or a handful of your favorite granola.

A tan plate with scrambled egg topped sweet potatoes.

5. Scrambled Eggs, Cheese, and Chives

Make breakfast for dinner! Pile cheesy scrambled eggs (we usually do 2 eggs per person) onto baked sweet potatoes and garnish with spicy sriracha sauce and chives.

Bowl of salad and baked sweet potato halves.

6. Salad Potatoes

Creamy sweet potatoes pair perfectly with a tangy dijon vinaigrette-dressed salad. For this one, I mixed together fresh spinach, crisp apple sticks, dried cranberries, toasted pecans, chickpeas, and crumbled feta. It’s all of the best flavors of autumn in one delicious bowl.

Overhead view of sweet potato nachos next to a bowl of lime wedges.

7. Refried Beans, Jalapeno, Corn, and Cheese

Have you tried making nachos with sweet potatoes? We used baked sweet potato slices instead of chips and topped them with crispy roasted jalapeno slices, refried beans, corn, and shredded cheese.

Blue wooden table with a stuffed sweet potato on a plate.

8. Ricotta, Berries, and Maple Syrup

Mix orange zest with ricotta and dollop on a cinnamon-sprinkled sweet potato. Top with fresh berries and a liberal drizzle of maple syrup. Simple, sweet, and delicious!

Two baked sweet potato halves with veggies, hummus, and feta cheese.

9. Hummus and Veggies

Give your sweet potatoes a Mediterranean-inspired twist with a few dollops of hummus, some herby roasted veggies, fresh spinach, feta cheese, and kalamata olives. It’s everything you love about our popular zucchini hummus pitas in sweet potato form!

Tempeh stuffed sweet potatoes on a white plate.

10. Tempeh, BBQ Sauce, and Guacamole

If you’re craving comfort food try topping your sweet potatoes with some BBQ tempeh. All you have to do is crisp up store-bought tempeh and douse it in your favorite BBQ sauce. A dollop of fatty guac keeps this vegan-friendly dish from being too sweet.

A blue plate with sweet potato halves and lime wedges.

11. Peanut Lime Sauce, Veggies, and Edamame

Sweet edamame, crisp fresh veggies (cabbage, carrots, and bell peppers), and cashews drenched with this easy peanut lime sauce for two. Like a crunchy nutritious salad – but better!

Baked sweet potato on a white plate on a wooden table.

12. Cinnamon Pineapple

For a yummy brunch option that also happens to be vegan, stuff sweet potatoes with cinnamon, pineapple, pecans, and raisins. Then top with toasted coconut and a drizzle of creamy coconut butter or dollops of non-dairy vanilla yogurt.

A blue table with a white plate with a fork and stuffed sweet potato.

13. Black Beans, Cheese, and Avocado

Give your next Taco Tuesday a sweet potato upgrade! Load them up with black beans, refried beans, or cooked soy chorizo. Then pile on your favorite toppings like pepper jack cheese, avocado, and hot sauce.

Sweet potato topped with saucy beans next to a plate of pita bread.

14. Beans, Greens, and Sauce 

This is my go-to combo on nights when I’m craving something comforting, filling, and easy:

  • half a can of beans, rinsed and drained
  • a few handfuls of chopped greens (spinach, kale, or arugula, are all good options)
  • your favorite store-bought sauce (like salsa, pasta sauce, or curry sauce).

To put it all together: saute the greens in a little oil until wilted, then add the beans and sauce. Once the mixture is warmed, top your baked sweet potatoes and dig in! For the meal pictured, I used chickpeas, fresh spinach, and the Tikka Masala sauce from Aldi.

How About Dessert?

Broiled marshmallows on baked sweet potato slices.

Sweet Potato Casserole Bites

Top cinnamon-baked sweet potato slices with mini marshmallows, broil until golden and sprinkle with chopped pecans. Tastes just like Thanksgiving!

Twice baked sweet potato on a blue plate.

Streusel Topped Sweet Potatoes

If marshmallows aren’t your thing, swap them for a sweet and crispy oat crumble. This easy streusel sweet potato halves recipe is great for Thanksgiving and holiday dinners.

Hungry for more? Check out all of our potato and sweet potato recipes!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have no idea what I’m doing, but managed to cook up some sweet potatoes and topped them with scrambled eggs, chives, and pepperjack.

  2. Oh wow guys! Love these ideas. I eat a sweet potato for breakfast almost every day, always the same topping (hemp heart/flax meal mix, goat cheese, served on a bed of fresh spinach with berries and a chicken sausage). To save time, I cook a crock pot full of sweet potatoes and freeze them. When I make my breakfast I peel a defrosted potato and mash it, top it and put it in the toaster oven to heat up. But NOW, I will be trying some of your yummy topping ideas and shake up my taste buds! Thank you!

    1. Oh man, your breakfast sounds amazing, Suzi! Got room at the table for one more 🙂

      I hope you enjoy the topping ideas and thanks so much for sharing about your crockpot/freezing method. What a time saver, and I bet the mashed sweet potato turns out extra creamy. I can’t wait to give it a try.

      Thanks for stopping by and happy cooking!
      ~ Brie