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Searching for toaster oven recipes? You’re in the right place! From easy basics like fluffy baked potatoes and grilled cheese sandwiches to filling meals for two and tasty desserts, our collection of 150+ delicious vegetarian toaster oven recipes will help you make the most of your little oven.

Do The Recipes Work in Any Toaster Oven?

All of the recipes will fit in a large capacity toaster oven (that can accommodate a 13 x 9 x 1-inch sheet pan). While many of the baking, vegetable, sandwiches, and snack recipes are great for cooking in a medium or small toaster oven.

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If you’re new to cooking with a toaster oven, start with these recipes. They’re simple, delicious, and will help you get more familiar with your toaster oven’s basic settings. Also, make sure to check out our Beginners Guide to Cooking With a Toaster Oven.

Baked potato topped with black beans and salsa.

Toaster Oven Baked Potatoes

Make restaurant-style baked potatoes (with crispy skins and fluffy insides) at home with this easy recipe. Post includes step-by-step instructions for traditional and convection toaster ovens.

Toaster oven grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with roasted broccoli on a plate.

Toaster Oven Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Warm and comforting, nothing beats a crispy gooey toasted cheese sandwich. Easy to customize with your favorite bread and fillings it’ll take you just a few minutes to cook one up in your toaster oven.

Roasted asparagus spears on a small sheet pan.

Toaster Oven Roasted Asparagus Spears

Toaster ovens are great for quickly roasting up veggie side dishes – especially asparagus. We like to top ours with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and chopped walnuts.

A chocolate cookie broken in half on a piece of parchment paper.

Toaster Oven Chocolate Cookies

Bake a small batch of fresh, warm, and gooey chocolate cookies in your toaster oven. The recipe makes just 6 brownie-like cookies so you can indulge without a bunch of leftovers.

Gooey toaster oven s'mores on a baking pan.

Toaster Oven S’mores

Use the Broil function to whip up a pair of ooey-gooey indoor s’mores in just a few minutes. Top with peanut butter, fresh strawberry slices, or keep things simple with your favorite chocolate and marshmallows – you can’t go wrong!

How to Adjust Recipes For Convection

If your toaster oven has a convection function it means the oven has a small fan. When used, the fan circulates the warm air inside the oven.

This helps to remove surface moisture from food making it crispier outside while keeping it tender inside. It can also lead to food cooking faster. That’s why the temperature and cooking time for our recipes may need to be adjusted (unless otherwise noted in the directions). 

Cookies baked at different time and temperature on a sheet pan.

There are two best practices for adapting recipes for convection cooking

  1. Decrease the oven temperature by 25 degrees.
  2. Reduce the cooking time by 1/3, adding more time as needed.

These aren’t hard and fast rules, just a good starting point. This post for Everything You Need to Know About Convection Toaster Ovens has lots of tips.

8 Surprising Things You Can Do With a Toaster Oven

Toaster Oven Breakfast Recipes

Whether you’re short on time and rushing out the door or looking forward to a leisurely weekend brunch, your toaster oven can help you start the day off right. 

An English muffin breakfast sandwich on a small cutting board.

Toaster Oven Breakfast Sandwich

Skip the drive-thru and enjoy a healthier sandwich made in your little oven in just 10 minutes!

Blueberry muffin on a piece of parchment paper.

Toaster Oven Blueberry Muffins

This simple small batch recipe is easy to customize and bakes up just 6 wholesome and delicious muffins.

A mini loaf of banana bread cooling on a rack in front of a toaster oven

Mini Toaster Oven Banana Bread

A great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and use up one leftover banana, this easy recipe can be baked in a mini loaf, small baking dish, or as mini muffins.

Featured Comment
Amazing! The best banana bread I’ve tried! Made 3 mini loaves within 3 days! So good! Thank you. ~ Sushma

Toaster Oven Vegetable Recipes

A little oil, some seasoning, and the high heat of a toaster oven will turn any vegetable into a delicious and nutritious side dish.

Toaster oven roasted broccoli on a baking pan with red pepper flakes and garlic slices.

Toaster Oven Roasted Broccoli

For a bright and fresh side dish, dress up everyday roasted broccoli with garlic, red pepper flakes, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Broiled zucchini and squash rounds on a roasting pan.

Broiled Zucchini and Squash

Ready in 15 minutes, this simple side dish pairs nicely with any meal and is a great reason to use your toaster oven’s Broiler function.

Baked sweet potato halves on an 1/8 sheet pan.

Quick Baked Sweet Potatoes

Perfect for busy weeknights, this recipe is ready in just 30 minutes. Top with butter, vegetarian chili and sour cream, or any of these 10 quick and healthy sweet potato toppings.

Featured Comment:
Oh my stars!! Who knew that a toaster oven could produce such magic. We are fighting over these right now. Cool thing about it is that I can make another batch super quickly. So good!!!. ~ Yazmina

Toaster Oven Cookie Recipes

When a cookie craving strikes, turn on your toaster oven! It’s perfect for baking small batches of cookies that won’t leave you with lots of tempting leftovers. If you’re new to toaster oven baking, check out these 5 Tips That Will Make You A Toaster Oven Cookie Baking Expert

3 cookie bars stacked on a blue plate.

Small Batch Cake Mix Cookie Bars

Made with half a cake mix and an 8×8 pan, these thick and chewy cookie bars are perfect for baking in a toaster oven. 

Banana oatmeal cookies on a white plate.

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Big and little kids alike will enjoy these chewy banana cookies. Made with only 5 ingredients, the simple recipe is easy to customize. 

Chocolate cookies in eight flavors on a baking sheet.

Chocolate Cookies (8 Ways)

Our most popular cookie recipe in eight tasty flavor combinations including spicy hot chocolate and toasty s’mores. Treat yourself and bake a batch (or two) tonight!

Featured Comment:
Didn’t want to make a full batch so found this recipe…they were AMAZING just what I was looking for! ~ Jen

Toaster Oven Snack Recipes

From appetizers for the big game to quick nibbles between meals, the toaster oven is a snack-making machine.

Rosemary cashews on a metal baking pan with a spatula and sprig of fresh rosemary.

Rosemary Cashews

Bursting with an irresistible savory-sweet flavor, these nuts make a great snack or appetizer.

Toaster oven Chex mix in a small roasting pan.

Small Batch Chex Mix

Everything you love about your favorite snack mix, minus the massive leftovers. 

Close up of crispy potato wedges on a dark baking sheet.

Toaster Oven Potato Wedges

We love to cook these crispy wedges for movie nights but they also make a great side dish. Pair them with your favorite sandwich or salad for a restaurant-level lunch at home!

Featured Comment:
First time cooking potato wedges and I followed every step…sooo good! my toddler went crazy on them also so I had to make seconds! thank you! ~ Shella

If you’re cooking for a small household and looking for more mealtime inspiration, don’t forget to check out all of our vegetarian recipes for two.

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  1. How can you bake Keto loafs/breads/cakes w/almond flour and coconut flour sans the food sticking to the pans? I’ve had no luck in a regular oven so I now use parchment paper but there’s a lot of conflicting info from site to site regarding using the paper in toaster style ovens. I’m looking to get a little countertop oven as it would be easier for me (I’m thinking of getting Cuisinart TOA-60BKS Convection AirFryer Toaster Oven). Any thoughts on this? Thanks

    1. Hi Dina,

      Any box of parchment paper I’ve bought from the grocery store has included a warning that it should never be used in a toaster oven. What does your box say?

      I’m not a manufacturer so this is just a guess, but I assume they have that warning because parchment paper can be a fire hazard even in a traditional oven if it’s not used properly. Enough people have probably either misused it (broiling, high temps, letting the paper touch the heating elements/walls, etc.) or run into other issues with it in a toaster oven that it’s safer to just say don’t do it. Especially since there are so many types of toaster ovens these days.

      My instinct is that lining cake pans and loaf pans probably isn’t an issue as long as there isn’t overhang but again I’m not a manufacturer so I couldn’t say for sure.

      You might want to try emailing Cuisinart’s customer service, they can let you know if parchment paper is okay in their ovens and if they have any specific guidance for its use.

  2. OMG, how wonderful all this is—and all are perfect for this hot weather and not heating up the whole room—-thank you soooo much –Haydee

    1. Thanks, Haydee! I always say that I appreciate my toaster oven all year long but never more than in August 🙂

      I hope you enjoy the recipes – Happy Cooking!