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10 New Ideas for Toaster Oven Baking Dishes, Pans and Accessories

Have you been struggling to find toaster oven baking dishes? We’ve got a few new ideas for you plus fun pans and accessories.

Grid with baking dishes and toaster oven accessories.

You’re loving your new (or maybe new-to-you) toaster oven but…the little pan that came with it is limiting your recipe creativity.

So you dig around in the cupboards looking for toaster oven-sized baking dishes. Your trusty 9 x 13 casserole dishes are way too big. Small 4-inch ramekins work but barely hold a handful of broccoli.

Oof, feeling like a frustrated toaster oven Goldilocks you wonder, “Why is it so darn hard to find baking dishes that will fit in my toaster oven?”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, it was a struggle for us too.

glass casserole dishes with a red x on them

It was a sad day in the Toaster Oven Love house when we learned that almost all glass baking dishes should not be used in a toaster oven.

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Since retiring our glass casserole dishes we’ve been on a search for suitable replacements. I’m happy to say we’ve found more than a few good candidates (along with some new pans and fun toaster oven accessories).

Maybe one of these will work for you too.

But first, a disclaimer: Since toaster ovens vary greatly, you should always consult your manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for what materials are acceptable to use in your specific oven.

(NOTE: We purchased these pans and accessories and did not receive them for free, all opinions are our own. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase through them, we will earn a commission.)

1. Le Creuset 8.5 x 8.5-inch Baker

Starting with this all-purpose 1.7 qt.; 8.5″ (9.75 with handles) x 8.5″ x 2.5″ Le Creuset Baker that’s made of an enamel coated stoneware. We’ve used it for baked pasta dishes and it did a great job cooking a toaster oven pancake with frozen peaches and orange zest (check out those crispy edges!).

We got our baker from Sur La Table but you can also get it on Amazon.

baked pancake in a red baking dish

You may remember from our post on things you shouldn’t put in your toaster oven that Le Creuset said if you can fit them, their dishes are A-OK to use in a toaster oven.

And they’re also listed among the recommended bakeware in The Gourmet Toaster Oven Cookbook.

2. Le Creuset 5.75 x 5.75-inch Baker

We purchased that large baker from Sur La Table as a set with this super cute matching 18 oz.; 5.75″ (6.75″ with handles) x 5.75″ x1.75″ baker.

Mini jalapeno cornbread in a red 5 x 5 baking dish

It’s pretty small for a two-person household but I did use it to bake this tasty cornbread for one recipe from One Dish Kitchen.

The instructions are for a big oven and say to cook the cornbread about 20 to 25 minutes. Using the Breville Smart Oven Pro (w/o the convection), our cornbread was done at 17 minutes, so check on yours early.

If you’re not interested in the full set you can purchase just the 5.75 x 5.75-inch Baker on Amazon.

3. Stoneware Au Gratin Pans

Baked apple crisp in a blue au gratin pan

These stoneware Au Gratin pans from Sur La Table are the perfect size (7″ x 5″ x 1.5″) for cooking little casseroles and crisps for one or two people.

The first thing we cooked with them was a blueberry peach cobbler. After 30 minutes we had a pair of juicy sweet cobblers but our brand new dishes were covered (inside and outside) with a pink and blue baked-on sugary fruit syrup.

I thought for sure they’d never get clean but after a quick soak and scrub, they looked brand new.

While these do fall in the “keeper” category, given the choice, I’d probably pick the next pan over them.

4. Le Creuset 7 x 5-inch Baker

Macaroni and cheese with breadcrumbs in a blue baking dish

Right now this 7 x 5 Le Creuset baking dish is the most used dish in our house.  According to Amazon, with the handles, it’s full exterior measurements are 9 1/8″ L x 5 5/8″ W x 2″ H.

It’s great for reheating one or two servings of leftovers, whipping up a high-protein Toaster Oven Egg Bake, or making a small batch of comforting Toaster Oven Potatoes Au Gratin For Two

We also use it to cook frozen meals where the box states the container for the food should not be used in a toaster oven. We just pry the food out of its container and plop it in the baking dish.

Check out this post about A Great Baking Dish for Small Toaster Ovens to learn more about this fantastic little dish and find 6 recipes you can make in it today.

Cheesy toaster oven potatoes au gratin in a baking dish

Toaster Oven Tip #157

Always chat up the salespeople at your local kitchen supply store.

They’re a great source of information and unique ideas.

On our last trip to Sur La Table (it’s becoming an obsession) I was talking to the salesclerks about foil alternatives for covering dishes.

7 x 5 baking dish uncovered in a toaster oven

Despite what it may seem, we are not an anti-foil household.

It’s just that one of our toaster oven’s manuals says not to use it so we’re always on the lookout for practical alternatives and we know you are too!

The four of us involved in this “alternative foil think tank” came to the conclusion that covering the dish with another pan was probably the best solution.

casserole dish covered with a sheet pan in a toaster oven

So for a few weeks now, Tim and I have been doing just that.

  • With the 8×8 baking dish, we use an overturned quarter sheet pan or the metal pizza pan that came with our larger Breville Countertop Oven.
  • For this 7×5 cutie, we use a 10 x 7-inch sheet pan that came in our Farberware toaster oven baking set.

At first, it took a little getting used too, but so far, I’m sold on the idea.

We haven’t used foil for weeks and recipes requiring covering are turning out great.

5. Casaware Muffin Pan

Speaking of metal pans…the muffin tin that came in our Chicago Metallic Toaster Oven Set has been one of my favorite pans for years.

But its handles are a real problem.

Mini sheet pan, rack, metal baking pan and muffin tin

They extend out the pan edges making it just a hair too large for many of your toaster ovens and our little Oster too.

We’ve been working on a toaster oven muffins tips post (a reader request from the toaster oven cookie tips).

Wanting to make sure the tips will work in more toaster ovens than just our Breville, we busted out the tape measure and tracked down this 6-cup muffin pan from CasaWare on Amazon.

6-cup Casaware muffin pan

I’ve only used it a few times but I’m already a fan.

Though I do think the non-stick coating is browning the bottoms of our muffins more than usual. It’s hard to tell though when you bake with whole grain flours all baked goods tend to look a little over-browned.

11-16-2018 Update: Check out Our Big Fat Toaster Oven Muffin Experiment for our full review of this pan and snag some great toaster oven baking tips!

6. Wilton Cookie Sheet

Not too long ago, I bought this Wilton toaster oven pan on a whim at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Small metal Witon bakeware pan

It’s 10 x 8.5-inch size seems like a nice middle ground between a large quarter sheet pan and the tiny 9-1/2 by 6-1/4-inch cookie sheet in the Chicago metallic toaster oven pan set.

But we haven’t had a chance to give it a few good toaster oven cookie bakes yet.

Do you own this pan? If you do, we’d love it if you shared your thoughts in the comments.

And if you’re looking for more sheet pans, check out this Toaster Oven Sheet Pans post. 

7. Oven Gloves

hands covered with red oven gloves reaching into a toaster oven

Next up, these fun oven gloves from Sur La Table.

They’re stylish, at least as stylish as oven gloves can be and I love that you can really use your fingers to grip dishes and pans.

The big cuff at the top is the best.

hands covered with red oven gloves reaching into a toaster oven

I used to accidentally burn my wrist a lot taking pans out of the toaster oven, now they’re well protected from my clumsy kitchen ways.

One drawback though is how big the gloves are.

Can you see where my thumb is pressing in the photo below? That’s where the tip of my index finger is.

Two hands, one with a thumb pressing on a gloved finger on the other hand

They fit Tim’s giant paws perfectly but are fairly large on my tiny child-sized hands.

Although I wish they offered an option for smaller hands, overall I’m super happy with the flexibility and protection the gloves offer. And they’re so warm, come winter it might be hard to want to take them off…even when you’re not cooking.

5-8-2018 Update: Well it looks like they now make gloves for smaller hands too! 

8. ThermoPop Instant Read Thermometer 

Hand sticking thermometer into a veggie pot pie.

This one’s a recent addition that we liked so much I had to add it to the list. If you regularly cook frozen meals, casseroles, or meat, it’s great for checking that your items are properly cooked.

The screen lights up and displays the temperature in large numbers that are easy to read. One thing to note is that you do have to press the power button a little aggressively (IMHO) to turn it on. 

9. Bamboo Cutting Board for Breville Toaster Ovens

This cutting board had been on Tim’s wish list since we first purchased our Breville Smart Oven Pro (BOV845BSS). Given its higher price, I wasn’t totally sold at first.

Cutting board sitting on top of a Breville Smart Oven Pro

Then the paint on the cabinet door above our toaster oven started to bubble a little.  After that, I got on board and ordered the cutting board from Amazon.

Seeing it in person, I think Breville is way underselling its quality-level and features.

This board is awesome.

Aesthetics wise, the bamboo wood is nice and looks sharp paired with the toaster oven’s shiny metal. It feels well constructed too with rubber feet that are thick and sturdy.

Person holding cutting board showing underside and feet

It’s definitely helping with the heat as the door hasn’t gotten any worse with our frequent toaster oven use. Having an extra place to set cooked food to cool is nice and we use it all the time as a serving tray too.

If you already own a Breville XL or Smart Oven Pro (BOV845BSS), it’s an accessory worth considering.

Now, this final toaster oven accessory proves I’m a total sucker for Amazon’s add-on suggestions. Those things are harder to resist than candy bars at the grocery checkout, right?

10. Silicone Oven Rack Push/Pull

The Norpro Silicone Oven Rack Push/Pull is a high-heat resistant…I want to say, device? That helps you to grab and push the rack in and out of your toaster oven.

hand holding a red silicone push/pull to pull rack out of a toaster oven

It’s pretty nifty and keeps you from sticking your hands deep in the toaster oven to grab a rack or pan.

The problem is that for the life of me I cannot remember to use it, even when it’s sitting right next to the darn toaster oven.

Do you own this little gadget? If so we’d love to hear how/if/when you use it.

With all of these pans and accessories, the only thing left on our “Wish List” is a 2 or 3-quart coated cast iron dutch oven. I’ve been stalking Craigslist regularly keeping an eye out for just the right one.

So far, I’m feeling a little like Goldilocks.

Feb 11, 2018 Update: Welp, I caved and bought a new 2.75-quart shallow dutch oven at the end of last year.

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What toaster oven baking dishes and accessories are top on your Wish List?


  1. Thanks so much for info! I have the Breville Pro which I love, but have struggled to find larger pans ( I resist using the oven because it is filled with my granddaughter’s crayons and art project along with cookie sheets, etc! ).

    Just purchased (Amazon) the Fat Daddio 10×10 pan which fits quite nicely & I’m hoping that will allow me to make casserole kinds of dishes. I believe this is the largest size that the Pro will accommodate, however, I would love to hear otherwise.

    I have resisted buying the cutting board but finally caved after discovering my husband stashing the metal pan on top of it, ultimately resulting in unsightly scratches. Actually, it is nice to have and convenient.

    1. Hi Doreen!

      We’re able to fit a Nordic Ware rimmed quarter sheet pan which measures 12.875 x 9.5 x 1-inch in our Breville Smart Oven Pro and use it for everything from roasting veggies, to sheet pan meals and baking cookies.

      We also have a metal 9 x 13 cake pan from Nordicware that doesn’t have handles. It fits in our Pro but there’s not a lot of space around the sides for air-flow. I’ve got it on my to-do list to try cooking a cake mix with it and will post how it goes.

      Hope that helps and happy cooking!

  2. Hi!

    I’m relatively new to toaster oven cooking/baking, having inherited one that came with my mew studio apartment–no oven and a two burner stove. I have made a Lot of recipes from this site since starting, and they have all been wonderful.

    Pans for this oven have been a challenge. I have tried several versions of made for toaster oven pans. All metal, and some pretty high end. The best is an old enamel coated roaster type sheet pan that probably came with the oven. It has a rack that fits nicely inside. Very shallow, about 1/2 inch, so not so good for baking anything but cookies–great for roasting veggies and making cheese toast, though!. I like the enamel coating. cooks evenly and browns nicely and clean-up is a breeze.

    I have a “nice” set of Chicago metallic pans. Most of them are OK, but the baking pan has folded corners, and the sheet pan rolled edges. When washing, water collects, and the pans rust, and I have dirty rusty water to contend with. Even when I try and lay them in such a way to best drain the water out. And after a year of use, the coating is flaking off. I have gone thru several versions of metal pans, and have been Leary of any other pans. I am also on a budget–that of course I have blown because I have tried about 6-7 other pan versions, all of which have been a fail. I guess I could have started with LeCrueset to begin with and saved a lot of money.

    A couple of week ago I decided to try a Fat Daddio pan. I wanted an all purpose one the would fin in my oven. Went with a 3 inch deep 7×9 pan as a starter pan. It is WoNDERFUL. Nice even bakes and roasting (whole roasted and stuffed eggplant was why I went with this size as a starter!

    Baked a nice oven pancake/soufle or dutch pancake type dessert with fruit and everything in it. Came out beautifully, and then I baked macaroni and cheese, gooey, cheesy and lots of cauliflower. Amazing. And for each of them clean-up was a breeze.

    I have now just ordered one of their 6 inch pie pans. I know 9 inch would fit, but there are just two of us. I can see lots of wonderful bakes with this pie pan, from bread to rolls to cheese cake to wonderful galettes, both sweet and savory. So I just wanted to make a plug for Fat Daddio Pans. I get. mine on Amazon, of course. And there are dozens of sizes because they are designed for the commercial bakery. So the smaller version of most of their shapes fit in our Toaster ovens. Round square, rectangular sheet.

    They do not yet have a 6 cup muffin tin, but they do have nice 4″ pie pans and 2-4″ baking pans in both rounds and squares that could be substituted if one really wanted to. And Clean-up? I soak for a few minutes after cooling and they come clean readily with gentle scrubbing on the “burn edges. Manufacturer recommend s Barkeepers friend, but I don’t really think that is necessary, at least hasn’t been so far for me.

    Of course the best test will be the test of time, and I haven’t given them enough of that yet. But with no place for water to get trapped, a nice rim for safe holding while hot, nice inside edges as well as no coating, I expect these to hold up a long time.

    Price range is medium. A little more expensive than some, but less than high end. And lightweight. I have limited ability to lift even a couple of pounds. That was another reason I have tried to stick with metal pans–they do not add weight to the overall dish by very much. And even though toaster oven meals are small, some of them can still be too heavy for me to lift safely.

    So, a final note. Presentation is not the point with these pans. But certainly function, lightweight, cost effectiveness, limited cleaning effort and beautifully turned out dishes outweigh presentation in my book these days. After all, I live in a one room Senior Retirement home, and am not going to entertain much any more. It is just the two of us.

    And FAtDaddio pans are an excellent performer in my Toaster oven. thanks for wonderful recipes to try in my new pans! One of the best things about Toaster Oven love recipes is that they are generally scaled for two, so the measuring is done for me and of course they are delightful!. I know you folks are not meat eaters, but even my meats come out well with these pans.

    1. Hi Jiwa!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such a detailed comment about your experience with different pans and what’s been working for you.

      I’m sorry you had to ‘kiss so many frogs’ before finding ones that work best for you. But it sounds like you’ve got a winner and are going to be having a lot of delicious fun with that mini pie pan too 🙂

      Fat Daddio has a great reputation with bakers so I’m excited to check out their pans – thanks for the recommendation! Also, you make a great point about the weight of the metal pans, they’re definitely a good option if moving heavy dishes is a concern.

      I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the recipes and really appreciate you being a part of our little community 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and happy cooking!

  3. Hi
    I just read your post about the Toaster Oven and the Bamboo cutting board (referring to the peeling paint under your cabinet over the appliance.)

    I don’t understand how the cutting board is protecting the underside of the cabinet? At least that’s what I understood you to be saying.

    Would appreciate your response please and thank you.

    1. Hi Sandra,

      That oven (the Breville Smart Oven Pro), in particular, gives off a lot of heat during cooking. The hot air was rising straight up to our painted cabinets above the oven.

      The cutting board is specifically designed for use with that oven. I believe they sell it so you can store things above the oven. We’ve found it also acts to deflect, disperse, and absorb the rising heat so our cabinets are exposed to less of it.

      If you are asking in regards to using the cutting board with a different oven, you should always check with the manufacturer of your toaster oven for what accessories are acceptable to use with it.

      *Edited for clarity.

        1. Hi LeeAnne,

          I know that the Breville cutting boards are specifically designed to fit the dimensions of their ovens.

          Most toaster oven manufacturers have warnings about putting things on top of the oven while in use so I’m not sure if you could use the cutting board on a different toaster oven.

          Assuming the dimensions fit, I’d check with your toaster oven manufacturer before purchasing just to be sure it’s okay and not blocking venting or something else that’s important.

        1. Hi Carol,

          The cutting board we have for our countertop oven is sold by Breville (the oven manufacturer) as an accessory designed for use with that specific oven.

          I can only speak to my personal experience using it, I haven’t had any issues with overheating or overcooking of our food.

          We don’t use cutting boards with any of our other toaster ovens since the manufacturers don’t sell cutting boards designed for them.

  4. So much good info! I have several glass pyrex baking dishes I have been using in my toaster oven for years. I had never known they shouldn’t be used! I do have s 9 X 9 inch stainless brownie/cake pan I have had for decades and I use it often in my Cuisinart toaster oven. I have an enameled metal 8 inch cake pan that also works well so guess I will start using them rather than pyrex. Thanks!

    1. I’m glad you found the article helpful, Joyce! Those 9×9 and 8-inch cake pan both sound like great options, especially for casseroles and baked goods 🙂

  5. What about aluminum foil for grilling??? Don’t they now make pouches out of grilling foil. As long as they don’t touch the elements, would you think it might be ok??? Thanks

    1. Hi Donna,

      If you want to use foil you just need to make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific oven. You can usually find that information in your manual or on their website.

      We also have a post with cooking tips from different manufacturers (including the use of foil), you can find that here: https://toasterovenlove.com/foil-in-toaster-oven/.

      Happy Cooking!

  6. One of my favorite pans is the Pampered Chef small toaster oven pan. It measures 8.75 x 6.5 x .75. Good for baking bacon and biscuits. Also easy to clean once it’s seasoned.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Sandy! That’s a great looking little stoneware pan. We used to have a Pampered Chef pizza stone and it always made the best biscuits – I bet yours turn out perfect 🙂

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