A Great Baking Dish for Small Toaster Ovens (+ Recipes)

Looking to cook individual frozen meals, warm leftovers, bake small cakes, or whip up a veggie frittata in your little oven? A tiny but mighty 7 x 5 baking dish can do all that and more. That’s why we think it’s the best baking dish for small toaster ovens.

Baked frozen enchiladas in a small  blue baking dish.

Finding a baking dish that fits in your toaster oven and holds enough food to feed a hungry human can be challenging. Enter the 7″ x 5″ baking dish.

Our favorite 7″ x 5″ baking dish is made by Le Creuset. It’s a fantastic (and stylish) little dish that heats evenly, cleans up well, and fits nicely in our smallest toaster oven. 

Toaster Oven Tip

We love sharing about the pans and dishes we use. But every oven is different, always refer to your toaster oven manual for the accessories that are acceptable for use in your specific oven.

Blue 7x5 baking dish inside a small toaster oven.

The specs:

  • Rectangular Dish made from a solid enamel-coated stoneware
  • Interior Measurements 7″ L x 5″ W x 1 3/4″ H
  • Exterior Measurements with Handles 9 1/8″ L x 5 5/8″ W x 2″ H
  • Capacity of 22 ounces

In addition, Le Creuset’s stoneware baking dishes can be used in the oven up to 500°F, in the microwave, and even under the broiler. (source)

3 Reasons We Love This Small Baking Dish

We’ve had our little 7″ x 5″ baking dish for over 4 years and it’s one of the most used toaster oven accessories in our house. Here are three reasons we love having a pan this size and think you might too.

Sliced pieces of cornbread and cornbread in a blue baking dish.

1. It’s the perfect size to bake small treats. Things like snack cakes, fruit crisps, and an 8.5 oz boxed cornbread mix bake up wonderfully in this little dish.

2. It’s great for cooking frozen meals and reheating leftovers. The dish heats evenly, so your food is slowly warmed and fully cooked through.

Plus it’s nice enough to double as a serving dish. *But be careful, just like a skillet that’s been in the oven – it will be very hot.

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Frozen enchiladas baked in a blue 7x5 baking dish.

3. It’s easy to keep clean and resists stains. Usually, just warm water and a quick round with a sponge are all we need to get it clean. For really baked-on stuff, we’ll add a little soap and soak for a few minutes.

Also, the Clean and Care instructions from the manufacturer say it’s dishwasher-friendly (full disclosure: we’ve never tried putting ours in the dishwasher).

Spoon scooping into a blueberry mango fruit crisp.
Half a batch of our Blueberry Mango Crisp Recipe

Where Can You Buy Small Baking Dishes?

We originally purchased our Le Creuset baking dish from Amazon. Over the years I’ve seen it for sale at Home Goods and on eBay. Also, some readers have mentioned finding new and gently used ones on Poshmark and at thrift stores.

While we really like our Le Creuset baking dish there are a bunch of options for similarly-sized dishes available these days. One thing to note is that not all manufacturers want their dishes used in a toaster oven.

To avoid any issues, make sure to review and follow the Use and Care directions for your particular baking dish. For more on that, check out these 4 Surprising Things I’ll Never Use In Our Toaster Oven.

7 x 5 Baking Dish Recipes

Not sure what to cook first? From casseroles to snack cakes, your options are endless! Below are some of our favorite toaster oven recipes to make in a 7 x 5 baking dish.

A piece of banana bread on parchment next to a small blue baking dish.

1. Banana Bread For Two

You’ll need just one banana and one bowl for this easy mini banana bread that’s packed full of flavor. To make in a 7 x 5 baking dish, prepare as directed but bake at 350°F for 22 to 25 minutes. Get The Recipe Here.

Closeup of spoon scooping creamy vegetables and pie crust in a baking dish.

2. Vegetable Pot Pie For Two

Perfect for special occasions, this vegetable pot pie is cozy and comforting, and will make your house smell amazing! Get The Recipe Here.

A small egg casserole in a blue baking dish on a white table.

3. Toaster Oven Egg Bake

Looking for an easy breakfast casserole for two? This Toaster Oven Egg Bake is the answer. It’s loaded with cottage cheese, eggs, and spicy pepper jack cheese. Get The Recipe Here.

Toaster Oven Carrot Cake in a 7x5 baking dish.

4. Toaster Oven Carrot Cake

A moist and flavorful small-batch carrot cake stuffed with raisins, pecans, and pineapple. To make in a 7 x 5 baking dish, prepare as directed and bake at 325°F for 22 minutes. Get The Recipe Here.

Hand holding spoonful of baked potatoes au gratin.

5. Potatoes Au Gratin For Two

Luscious, creamy, rich, and indulgent potatoes au gratin for two. No tempting leftovers to worry about with this small-batch recipe. Get The Recipe Here.

Small blue baking dish filled with baked pear halves.

6. Toaster Oven Baked Pears

Ready in 30 minutes, this easy toaster oven dessert is perfect for Valentine’s Day, date night, or any time you’re craving a sweet treat. Get The Recipe Here.

Baked frittata on a plate with a fork.

7. Toaster Oven Frittata

Perfect for breakfast or breakfast-for-dinner, this easy toaster oven frittata recipe is high in protein and stuffed full of tasty veggies. Get The Recipe Here.

Baked oatmeal in a blue 7x5-inch baking dish.

8. Baked Oatmeal Without Egg

Made with banana, hearty oats, and crunchy pecans this simple one-bowl recipe is a great way to start the day! Make it even more filling with a scoop of yogurt. Get The Recipe Here.

Baked cranberry orange snack cake in a small blue baking dish.

9. Cranberry Orange Snack Cake

This mini cake is tender, buttery, and loaded with juicy fresh cranberries. It makes just a few small servings of cake, the perfect amount for one or two people. Get The Recipe Here.

Overhead view of cream cheese frosted cake sliced in a baking dish.

10. Mini Applesauce Spice Cake

Whip up a little cake that’s filled with warm autumn spices and topped with a tangy orange cream cheese frosting. The easy small batch recipe makes just 4 to 6 servings! Get The Recipe Here.

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  1. Another source for finding 7” x 5” Le Creuset dishes is Poshmark.com. Their selection and prices a bit better than eBay. I just ordered one and it was expertly wrapped and arrived in two days.

    1. Great suggestion, Linda! For some reason, I thought Poshmark was just for clothing – thanks for the tip I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate it 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your find, Kristin!

      We actually own that set too 🙂 you can see it here along with a few recipe suggestions: https://toasterovenlove.com/toaster-oven-baking-dishes-accessories/

      The larger dish is going to be too big for most small toaster ovens – it holds about twice the amount of the 7 x 5 dish shown above. But is a great option for bigger toaster ovens.

      The little one is around 5.75 x 5.75 so it will fit in most smaller ovens. They used to sell it separately but have also discontinued that dish.

      Hopefully, Le Creuset will come out with updated versions as they do make some of the best mini baking dishes. If you’re still looking, Emile Henry also makes some smaller baking dishes that a few readers have said work well too.