Small No Knead Bread

Crusty on the outside, soft & flavorful inside, this small no knead bread is perfect for feeding one or two people. Great for beginner bakers, the scaled-down recipe requires just a few ingredients.


Unbleached All-Purpose Flour or Bread Flour Table Salt or Sea Salt Instant Dry Yeast Water Apple Cider Vinegar

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, salt, and yeast. Add the water and vinegar. Using a rubber spatula stir and fold the mixture until a shaggy dough ball forms.

Cover the bowl with a lid, plastic wrap, or a large plate. Let rise for 12 to 18 hours at room temperature and out of direct sunlight until the dough is more than doubled in size.

Once the dough has risen, rub the bottom of a 2 to 3-quart Dutch oven with oil and dust with cornmeal.

Using a rubber spatula or bowl scraper, scrape the sticky dough out of the bowl and onto a well-floured surface.

Gently fold it a few times, then pull all of the edges towards the middle, flip the dough over, and shape it into a tight ball.

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